11 February 2007

February 11 (hospitality)

Sunday evenings at Tribal Headquarters usually look something like this. I love my in-laws, who are continually feeding and loving a "cast of thousands."


Elizabeth said...

I, too, think they are particularly loving and caring people. I hope I can be more like them.

sue-donym said...

Is that Ellen in the pic?
I heart Ellen!

Jamie said...

Being one of the orphans adopted and raised by Clan Buchert, I must express my adoration, too. This picture is priceless and soooo typical. They are so good and so real in so many ways that I am not. I need to keep up my visits so they can rub off on me. Bucherts, thanks for helping me grow up and get real. It was sooo much better than being raised by wolves (my plan B).

Geo said...

Ditto, ditto, Liz.

Yes, sue-do, and ditto.

James, you are too funny. Good idea to rub shoulders. I'll only be a block away then.