04 November 2006

Serendipitous precipitate wallflower patina (a love story, meme-style)

Hey, compulsive writer, I hope I didn't bend the rules too much. (I didn't notice any rules, actually.) Thanks for inviting me to play!

Serendipitous. Rob happened when I least expected . . . Him. It. Anything. Well, that's not entirely true; I was expecting a private date that day, a last-ditch effort sort of talk with my long-time boyfriend, just the two of us in the silent restaurant before the lunch crowd showed up, hungry for the exotic and plenty of it. I arrived first, let myself in through the back door, and waited in the dim light. Not just one fellow showed up; three did. One cavalier introduction was the anticlimax of an emotional four-year investment: "This is Jeff. This is Rob. They're from my English class. Just thought I'd invite them along." What a nerve to clutter up our save-the-relationship date! But how infuriatingly, beautifully, unexpectedly lucky for me.

Precipitate. Is it any wonder I love fortune cookies? Rob cracked open a crunchy cryptic oracle in some other restaurant, shortly preceding our awkward meeting. He had been lately imported from a former life and wanted to cut a fresh path for himself, try out a new persona, but the wisdom of randomness warned him: "Don't change too quickly." He let himself fully feel the significance of this, and so, obediently, did not shy away from the kind of friend who had the spirit of long-haired intellectualism and would invite him to crash a lunch date at a Hare Krishna restaurant.

Wallflower. I admit that I did it on purpose. For once I tried to inspire his annoyance so he'd punish me with the evening to myself. He'd prefer agonizing over a book to going out anyhow. It was a relief to us both. My roommate and I hurriedly dressed for a campus benefit concert; I actually felt cute. Even better, I felt liberated! We were both giddy with fun, surrounded by friends. Rob was there, as I'd hoped, but seemingly with a date; my heart sank. My girlfriend and I danced together, and with anyone else who would join us, with a dizzying energy. Never mind, I thought. Never mind anything, tonight I am free. But notice me, why don't you, Rob! My roommate and I were among the last to leave at the end of the night; we dawdled, talked with musician friends, yawned, wished for more. While my friend occupied herself with some final flirting I walked the perimeter of the ballroom. Someone slipped up behind me, spun me around and dropped me right off my balance into a low dip. Rob. Barely an inch from my face. He held me there for what seemed like breathless forever, his eyes driving into mine, my heart pounding like a great drum. Then he lightly set me on my feet and, without a word, raced off into the night. He left me drunk in the head, and famished.

Patina. Rob and I married on Krishna's birthday without intending to. The devotees we knew told us it was "an auspicious day" for a wedding. I think loving somebody more than (non-Krishna-kosher) garlic and onions, and even more than bread and water and life, is far more promising. This man of mine is such an excellent meal. He's a loaf of earthy bread, a bowl of bitter greens and strong cheese, a pot of lovely curried daal that's had a day or two to mellow, fresh concord nectar. Rob, you grow more delicious every day.

Now it's my turn to do some tagging. I'm choosing a custom list for each of you (using the point-and-shoot method of finding words in the dictionary). I'm giving you five words instead of four so you can leave off your least favorite, if you choose.

Becca: irreconcilable / flaming / instrument / purpose /multitudinism
Chemical Billy: panorama / security / vessel / teamster / sentiment
J'oga: flash / sandwich / hourly / rescind / convincible
Joh: concocts / abundant / sphagnum / comprehensively / musical
And any other friends who'd like to play: gopher / simulate / orange / exchange / prove


Jamie said...

Two weeks ago, I was listening to the Magnolia soundtrack (one of my all-time-favorites), which I happened to have receive as a birthday gift on the same night I met Rich. It made me think a train of thoughts which I planned to blog on our engagement anniversary... which came and went last week. This post has inspired to to hop back on that train and record them anyway, a week late! What beautiful details and memories...what a tribute. You two are such a real joy to know. Thanks for teaching me so much about true love, loyalty, companionship, devotion, etc...

compulsive writer said...

"He held me there for what seemed like breathless forever"


Geo said...

Awww, shucks, ladies!

(James, I hope you follow through with your Rich stories. It's fun to put even a few snippets down . . . .)

b. said...

Ummm......this post kinda got me hot and bothered, my husband thanks you!

Geo said...

b: My pleasure. Always glad to help inspire marital bliss.

Julie said...

Wow. Beautiful writing! I'm so glad compulsive gave you those words. I love how you connected them all into one unifying theme. Awe-inspiring.

Geo said...

Thanks, Julie!

I really liked cw's word choices too. Since I had the boy on my brain though, maybe it wouldn't have mattered what the word choices were--I might've had tunnel vision anyhow. : )

Becca said...

how did i miss this? why did feedblitz fail me? thanks for the spur to write something. thanks for the fun read.

Geo said...

Bec O': Sometimes that happens to me too and I've discovered that occasionally FeedBlitz gets sent to my Spam file. If you add FeedBlitz to your Contacts list it should stop happening.

Can't wait to see your "definitions."


Elizabeth said...

Lovely, lovely. I'm a fan of the TWO of YOU.

Rachel said...

i wish i could read this for the first time again tomorrow, and then every day after that. really beautiful

Chemical Billy said...

Absolutely perfect, Geo.

I'm challenged by the tag. Hmmmm.

Geo said...

O, Lizabet: Thanks!

Rachel: That's one of the nicest compliments I ever received.

CB: Go, Billy, Go! I'm waiting on pins et needles.