27 November 2006

Because Jeanne said so

I will make a three-week list.

•a quiet, midnight soak in epsom salts (I'm on my way, hurray, hurray) . . . inspired by this
•"Let your hearts rejoice."
•feeling calm and clear-headed and guided while teaching
•watching the face of a young woman grow instantly more beautiful as she "gets the point"
•working with respectful individuals
•listening to sweet music with eyes closed
•people who try
•keeping my word
•walnuts + banana + plain yogurt + hemp seed
•walking at night with Rob
•the power of education
•words, language
•dark red a-line velveteen, from waist to ankles
•the ability to listen
•greeting a friend I haven't seen for a while
•green soy noodles
•clean water
•deciding on sleep rather than the epsom salt bath


compulsive writer said...

Oh Geo--thanks for that link! It--along with your post--was the perfect way for me to start my Monday.

How are you? Did you get your books done? I hope you have a lovely December.

I'm going to work now, but I'm going to be pondering my own list...

Geo said...

Books? Oh, books and books and books and books. More on this very soon. And a photo. (And privately, my overdue letter to compulsive, I promise.)

xoxo & books, books, books

Jamie said...

Wow. I was just in the tub for two hours, fighting a back ache and reading the December Ensign, cover to cover. Reading in the tub is a favorite thing, and I keep a hand towel to wipe my fingers, too. Cool.