04 October 2006

This morning I thought I was turning into a cockroach

. . . but as it turns out, I find I'm actually the mother of a cockroach.

Which character from Kafka's The Metamorphosis are you?

(So I don't care much for fainting or wifely personality absorption, but at least nobody's locked me in my room.)

What's your remedy for minor existential angst? Today I successfully applied a lunchtime talk with my Hoob, then later on some broiled salmon, steamed kale, and a baked yam. I found knitting helpful too, particularly knitting with the SSK on the black leather couches at the mall. Bringing home a prayer shawl that was a complete surprise gift to me from a fellow knitter--that was therapeutic as well--it was wonderfully lovely and so well-timed, and made me sniffle. Nothing says no to cockroach like good conversation, good food, good yarn, and most of all, good love.

Anybody want to watch this with me?


compulsive writer said...

So I ended up being the boarders, but the tag wasn't accepted, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Somehow I'm disappointed, but isn't that what existential angst is all about?

Cure I have none, but now suddenly I have a strange desire to go grab some of my old French lit that has been gathering dust in the corner of my basement.

No one does existential angst like the French...

Geo said...

Somehow I'm disappointed, but isn't that what existential angst is all about?

That made me laugh!

I was disappointed too, but then I looked at all the other characters and thought, There's no desirable choice. Well, exactly!

What a relief that the Plan of Happiness was not authored by Kafka, bless his soul.

Seriously, you need to check out the movie I linked to. It's a classic.

b. said...

I cannot sit long enough to watch a movie but I do know that it has been proven that spending time with a good friend is more effective than prozac...

compulsive writer said...

Classic existential or just classic? When I think classic existenial I'm reminded of an old Jane Fonda flick "They Shoot Horses Don't They?"

(So glad I completed my honors English high school years out in the real world.)

compulsive writer said...

p.s. I agree with cjane about your amazing wisdom.

Chemical Billy said...

Apparently, I am Gregor Samsa. I always knew there was a giant cockroach inside me, just waiting for its chance to emerge.

My cure for existential angst can also be a cause. Ride a San Francisco bus.

On my first glance at your link, I thought it was to the old Capra movie. I used to watch that on Thanksgiving with my dad, and we'd both cry.

I'd rather watch this movie with you.

Stacie said...

wow, what an interesting blog!! the sounds freaked me out!! thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the winner! I love Big Fish too (was reading your profile)