01 June 2006

May and May Not

I went to bed with this little thought in my mind and woke up with it booming in tandem with a tension headache:

Since May was a treacherously hard month here for all the inhabitants of Sundog Bed & Breakfast, including the pets, I've decided that the month which follows should not be called June, but should be renamed May Not.

May really ought to have been about permission, especially at such a beautiful and inspiring time of year, but this year it seemed mostly to be about gut-wrenching uncertainty. That seems to me a perversion of the season, very un-springlike. So, the month of May Not must atone for this unnatural discrepancy. I know, May Not sounds at first like flat-out denial, but don't be deceived; May Not is all about giving its consent and blessing to anyone willing to make an independent choice, to be an agent rather than a target: "You MAY decide NOT to acquiesce before someone else's hostility and criticism today," or, "You MAY opt to NOT continue with something that is no longer working for you and NOT feel guilty about it," or, "You MAY choose NOT to sacrifice some personal moments of fun today in order to merely keep up the facade of peace," or, "You MAY elect NOT to give in to your cravings and eat that milk chocolate Dove ice cream bar in the freezer that will make you sick later this afternoon." See? Good month.


Becca said...

I'm wondering if I may or may not call up and talk about what made things so hard and uncertain at the hummingbird hotel. I have my guesses but I prefer to hear things from your lips instead (anything at all). Here's hopin' June will be bloomin'.

Emmie said...

I hope whatever is causing distress may not continue, and that all may be much better soon.

Geo said...

The choice, dear Bec o' my heart, is yours--that's why this month is May Not.

"Hummingbird hotel"--another good moniker for this estate.

emmie: Thank you for the kind wishes. Sometimes overcoming distress is a great investment in the better-ness of the future, so though I wish it gone myself, I don't wish it so before I learn whatever lessons I need from it. (However, I wouldn't mind learning a little faster!) So far, I'm sincerely enjoying the fact that I have claimed this month as May Not . . . . Feel free to join in the celebrations!

LuckyRedHen said...

Acquiwhat? Big words for such a small girl ;o)

My blog page has moved and I have posted my logo!!!


LuckyRedHen said...

email me at my logo name @gmail.com (that was code-like so I don't get spammed).

Let's talk letterpress because I need at LEAST business cards and possibly stationery, mailing envelopes and stickers.

LuckyRedHen said...


Geo said...

i.s.f..: Hello, yourself. : )

When you meet me I'm afraid you are going to have to eat your words about my being little.

I'll be emailing you later today, you and your lovely lucky red hen!