07 June 2006

Loud laughter and evil fishing

I'm a secret fan of this blog by a person I've never met but whose self and family I adore in a very safe and non-stalker-like fashion. She doesn't leave open the option for comments or I'd probably be driving her crazy, gushing over post after post of fabulous photos. Anyway, yesterday I was having sort of a rough time because I am v-e-r-y worn out from working and pulling late-nighters and generally struggling with life angst, but when I saw this post, I laughed until I was nearly sick, and things got better. Thanks, Nienie. I guess by rights I should thank Ollie too, but maybe that's encouraging dangerous behavior. The best part of this picture? To me, it's the little round thumbprint. Ack! This is why I don't babysit.


AzĂșcar said...

I like this one.

And this one had me snorting.

Geo said...

Yep and yep! I can't get enough of these photos! (I love the yoga girls spread. If that didn't make me want to order some kids from the Oiliy catalog, I'll give it up.)

Julie said...

I'm glad you got to meet Dalene. She and I have vowed to never grow up. We'll be kids together forever, as long as neither one of us moves from the ward.

Because of you, I went snort-hunting at Nie-nie's site. I got exactly what I was looking for. The poop picture had me on the floor, as did the picture of Ollie with the yogurt cup. My 10-year-old couldn't quite see the humor in that one. Maybe when he's a dad someday.

And, as if that poop picture wasn't enough of a contraceptive, go look at the video link on my blog. Another reason not to babsit.

Geo said...

Julie, we already have good taste in people in common. I wonder what else!