19 May 2006

The Happy Hundred--hoo hah!

Yip, yip, yip! On Bright Street is now centenarian! This is my one hundredth blog post here, and to celebrate, I thought I'd assemble a Happy Hundred list. What it is that chases my dark clouds away? Who pays the light bill on Bright Street? Well, for starters . . .

1. my faith
2. my fella
3. family
4. friends
5. writing
6. knitting
7. dreams
8. energy work
9. great books
10. thrift shopping
11. photography
12. patchouli
13. music--an eclectic mix
14. cooking

We interrupt this list to bring you Geo's latest culinary experiment.

Sanguine Soup

2 cups brown or green lentils
8 cups water
1 white onion, chopped coarsely or sliced in strips
a small head of garlic, cloves cut in half
1 medium yam, skin on, cubed
2 carrots, sliced into rounds
1 large red bell pepper, seeded and coarsely chopped
1 red, sweet-tart apple, cored and cubed
2 bay leaves
3 scoops of a rich brown or red curry paste, preferably homemade
(or play around without whatever type of curry blends you have on hand--dry or otherwise)
1 teaspoon coconut oil
a drizzle of olive oil
1-1/2 teaspoons salt or to taste
a splash of lemon juice for definition

Pick over lentils for stones and rinse well. Combine all ingredients except lemon juice in a large pot and bring to a boil. Turn down heat and simmer for an hour, or until ingredients reach desired level of tenderness. Add lemon juice. Yum yuuuuuuummmm! Enjoy this and think of me.

We return you now to The Happy Hundred, still in progress.

15. marzipan
16. foreign cuisine
17. foreign films
18. handwritten letters
19. clean teeth
20. reading in the bathtub
21. bicycling
22. canyon walks
23. Kiss My Face
24. 9:00 curfew
25. oral histories
26. occasional Sunday afternoon naps
27. order
28. silk robes
29. unusual sound archive collections (i.e., UBUWEB)
30. hanging out with my dog when he's freshly-bathed
31. fresh figs
32. gold leaf
33. good fountain pens and colored inks
34. blue jeans
35. U.S. citizenship
36. green grass
37. Project Gutenberg
38. successful communication
39. a good sense of smell
40. farmers' markets
41. letting the answering machine do its job
42. wisteria
43. service
44. decluttering
45. red
46. linen
47. watching the moon rise over the mountains
48. hummingbirds
49. singing when nobody's listening
50. dancing: with Rob, with my dog, by myself
51. Gmail
52. yoga
53. good shoes
54. weight loss
55. baked Yukon Gold potatoes with olive oil and sea salt
56. fortune cookies
57. a sense of humor
58. forgiveness
59. playing the Glass Bead Game
60. Exquisite Corpse
61. family jam sessions
62. the sound of rushing water
63. agency
64. cross-processing
65. having a library card
66. playing in a darkroom
67. the memory of running with sparklers on the beach at night
68. achieving goals
69. work
70. sledding
71. letterpress
72. learning new words
73. Hink Pink
74. snatching doodle bugs out of their holes using pine needles as fishing poles
75. moments of understanding Spanish
76. spending time in the temple
77. studying the scriptures
78. fasting and prayer
79. cooperation
80. "turning over my ticklebox" and laughing till my guts hurt
81. Kershisnik
82. Leslie Norris
83. sunlight
84. harvesting roses through the summer
85. concord grape juice, fresh and hot from the steamer
86. family Christmas carolling
87. electrical storms
88. 75-cent Tuesdays at Movies 8
89. potluck parties
90. sea salt
91. PAF
92. deep breathing
93. ladybug nymphs
94. vintage botanicals
95. trading old reads for credit at a used bookstore
96. filing cabinets
97. personal responsibility
98. optimism
99. gratitude
100. a good massage


Emmie said...

Congratulations on 100! What a fantastic post. The links are such fun!

And the Leslie Norris link made my heart happy. (I'd love to hear about how you became his friend, and the collaboration you did with him. He and Kitty are very dear to our family, too - 'twas my dad who read his obituary at the funeral.)

Johanna said...

Oh how fun. This is like one of those picture books with doors and chests and windows you get to open to see what's inside.

Geo said...

emmie: You're Doug's daughter! Well, whaddyaknow? This "Marman" world is indeed a peculiarly small one. Hey, maybe you'll be interested in this link to a call for submissions about experiences with Leslie. Pass it on to anyone you think might like to take part. It could be very therapeutic for those who loved him, and just fun for others, to reminisce.

joh: That's kind of what I had in mind, so I'm glad you think it's fun. I don't imagine anyone's got enough time to actually peek into every window, but I had a good time preparing the list. Happy peeking!

BTW, howzabout that baby announcement? What was the final verdict?

Geo said...

P.S. emmie: I don't know your dad well, but he seems like a nice man. His name came up with the Norrises frequently, always with real affection and good humor.

compulsive writer said...

Way to go Geo!

And speaking of Wisteria--or not--I keep thinking of you and how you have to come to my house and stand at my doorstep between my two pillars of honeysuckle while they're still in bloom...

Geo said...

compulsive: Now THAT'S an offer I can't refuse!!

compulsive writer said...

How 'bout around 9ish sometime in the next few days. They really smell best around dusk. Let me know what works for you.

Rachel said...

what a fun post, geo. it must have taken you a hundred hours to do all of those links. but thanks for doing it, because they're all really fun. and i LOVE kershisinek (or however you spell it) paintings too. and lots of others on your list, but thanks for reminding me of kersh.....if i ever have money, he'd be on my list...

AzĂșcar said...

I don't know about anything else, but I'm with you on the wisteria.


Elizabeth said...

Wow...I'm impressed. That is inspiring. I love looking at lists I've made of things that I'm grateful for. It always reminds me of the simple pleasures and all the wonderful memories and associations that each of them have. This was lovely.

Geo said...

compulsive: Will do. Thanks for the invitation! I adore "honeysuckers", as we called them when I was a child. You do know how to juice them, don't you? If not, I will be happy to demonstrate.

rachel: Thanks! It did take a few miinutes to assemble the list, but luckily I had some spare time on my hands while I was battling a nasty cold, so it kept me busy and distracted.

As for Brian Kershisnik's work, I think it's wonderful stuff, full of light and humor. The pictures on his web site don't do any of the canvases justice. One of my all-time favorites of his is from 2003, called Thorn and Sparrows. I first saw it in a show at the MOA and really fell in love with it. If only I had the money to buy Anthropologie dresses and great art!

azĂșcar: We had the stuff all over our property when I was a child. It's magical when it's twisting thickly up around a pine tree and smothering it with bunches of purple and white blossoms. Mmmmmmm. And I always thought it was great fun to be given a mason jar and a charge to go and de-beetle the low-growing wisteria bushes in our yard--even the bugs that hung out on the flowers were marvellous to look at.

liz: I'm glad you liked this! Thanks for leaving a nice comment. (BTW, I am sooooooo excited about your news(es)!!!)

Jamie said...

I am slowly working my way through this super fun list-o-links, and today I learned that what my family has always called "The Sentence Game" (played with words OR pictures) actually has a name! Wow! And I haven't played it in a looong time! It was a Tucson Dinner Club favorite!

Geo said...

james: Have you ever played this one--IF/THEN? It's another type of EC game. It works best when there are lots of people gathered. You each take a slip of paper and write down a question starting with "What if . . . ?" Your Vanna White gathers the questions up and then allows everyone to pull one of the slips out of a hat or something. On a second slip of paper, you write an answer to the question you've just received, starting with, "Then . . . ." . Vanna gathers up the questions and answers, keeping them separate from each other. Then everyone draws one question slip and one answer slip and reads them together. It's amazingly fun and funny at times, good for a couple rounds anyway.