22 April 2006

Put this in your pipe and smoke it

Well, think of it more as the traditional cigar that a fellow smokes with his mates to celebrate the announcement of a new babe born. (I dreamed of smoking a cigar last night. Does that make me more of an uncle than an aunt?) Here's a little something you can do if you're not a smoker; steal this image for your desktop and set your screen to "tile". Scout's mama loves this William Morris design, and Marigold is her nickname for her new squirmy sweetheart. I already have a whole field of these orange marigolds covering my monitor. Care to join me? (Anybody got a light?)


c jane said...

Love the new wallpaper -thanks!

LuckyRedHen said...

I love the smell of pipe tobacco because my grandpa smoked 24/7 (just about). He's gone but I named my son after him and am proud of it (I was pregnant with my boy when my grandpa died - bitter sweet - and he knew I would name my baby after him if it were a boy).

I know this is late posting, but I just discovered your blog and am back-reading ;o)

Geo said...

c jane: Glad to help you pretty up your place.

imsewfunny: Hey, read on! It's nice to have you poking around. I looooove the smell of pipe tobacco too, and whenever I'm in a mall that has a tobacco shop I have to go in and wander and breathe deeply.

angela the anonymous said...

Hope you're having a happy new year. I just changed my computer's wallpaper. Thanks!