23 April 2006

List therapy

When the going gets tough, the tough get thankful.

Bits of today I am thankful for:

•quiet morning time with Rob
•wanting to go to church after all
•people who show up and do their part
•no-iron clothes
•downloading the latest version of PAF for free
•the little computer gadget that looks like a travel toothbrush which allows us to shuttle info back and forth between the Macs and the Dell laptop
•feeling quiet during the sacrament and encouraged that I will eventually find my way
•an honest answer from C., and knowing she trusts me
•a generous compliment from K. on the day I wore my Catwoman boots to church without really considering the possible repercussions
•the world's best stake president (I'm sorry for those of you who live elsewhere)
•conversation that strengthens those involved
•meetings that come to an end
•N. grabbing me after church and laying some love and appreciation on me before she leaves the ward
•people at church who asked after Gram and sent her their love
•our "new" car
•freshly-laid brown eggs
•a working Osterizer
•roasted red peppers
•overcoming food despair and rediscovering my inner Mollie Katzen
•an oven that is no longer trying to kill me with carbon monoxide poisoning
•the lift that comes from listing blessings when griefs pile up
•playing jewelry box with Gram
•getting a sense that perhaps my mom was nearby, happy to see me playing jewelry box with Gram
•old diamonds and jet beads with family history
•my beautiful hand-painted silk robe
•inexpensive calling cards
•wonderful in-laws (Happy birthday, Mum!)


Azúcar said...

Dear Marvelous Geo,

I hope your day turned out bright and shiny after all.


Geo said...

Trust me, my boots are glossy enough to make up for any lack of luster in the day!