04 April 2006

More "Fours"

Since Becca asked, I'll add a P.S. to my previous meme post. Here ya go, a few more of "The Fours":

Six books I could read over and over again:
1. Scriptures
2. My binder of love letters from Rob
3. The Tao of Conversation
4. Remains of the Day
5. Vanity Fair
6. Peace Like a River

Five books I want to read:
1. Forthcoming scriptures
2. The children's book I'm supposedly writing
3. My husband's journal(s)
4. The Book of Life
5. Joseph's rough draft about his path to energy work

Four questions:
1. Why was John "the Beloved"?
2. When can I start eating grains again?
3. Has my cat been cursed with immortality?
4. What happens to bugs in the Resurrection?


Johanna said...


(Vanity Fair? I had no idea! I've only ever seen the Reece Witherspoon movie.)

I've wondered about resurrected bacteria and yeast.

Johanna said...

ps: ooh, and I want to read all the same books you do, especially the one you're working on. (I guess that would be the two you're woking on--The Book of Life AND the children's book)

Ps: blogger just made me type the characters to a French swear word to login and publish. ?! (@#%&!)

Geo said...

Never saw the latest film version of VF, but I feel confident in saying that the book is light years beyond any movie that could be made. Even the BBC couldn't do it justice.

I wonder if I'll be able to eat resurrected yeast? Is there Candida beyond the veil?

Isn't it a relief to know that God's record isn't The Blog of Life?

As for Blogger, just chalk up their nasty French to the blood and sins of this generation.

Geo said...

Hey, hold on. Are you talking about your lime slush? That's not very smoothie-like, but it certainly is divine. I want the recipe. I want all your recipes. Give!

Bluebell said...

Every time one of his pet bugs dies Owen consoles himself by talking about how Jesus will resurrect it. It happens on a fairly regular basis.

Geo said...

Bluebell: Maybe only the bugs that are loved in this life get resurrected as special pets and the rest of them get recycled or grouped together by the thousands to make up some new kind of creature.

I shouldn't get started on this stuff. Soon I'll be asking about God's grandfather.

compulsive writer said...

Love Peace Like a River. Loved even more that my 14-year-old son read it and loved it too.

Want your recipe for lacing brownies with methylene blue.

Can't wait to read your book...

AzĂșcar said...

Vanity Fair, I've started that book, along with half a dozen others and have yet to finish--but that Becky Sharp is on my list!

The Reese VF was a little sad. You could tell that there was so much more to the story than what they were able to tell, it was just a crammed couple of hours. It was beautifully shot, but just scatterbrained with the amount of information and storylines they were trying to throw at us. I would eagerly await an 8 hour BBC extravaganza.

Geo said...

Compulsive: my husband and I read PLAR together out loud and it was so hard not to read ahead on my own! It was one of those books that I didn't want to end.

I'll have to search my memory files for my "blueing technique" . . . ! Are you going to try it out on that 14-year-old?

Don't hold your breath on the book . . . it's coming into existence slowly.

Geo said...

Carina: The BBC did do a version of it. I saw it before I read the book, so I enjoyed it well enough, but once I read the book, no movie could touch it. Thackeray has such a bite and such a heart too.