29 December 2005

Yet another essential Joseph in my life

There were no curious llamas around to converse with, and my back hurt too much from dancing with my dog last night to dance with my dog today, but I did manage to do my homework, which, if you need a reminder, is to take a daily healthy dose of Vitamin Me Complex. This time I chose to call and set up an appointment with Joseph who works at the alternative clinic where I go for my doctoring. I've been resisting the suggestion to go to Joseph for "energy work" for a number of reasons it's too late to get into just now, but this morning, after some shopping plans I'd had with Kitty changed, I decided to throw myself into the situation without debating it any longer. What was scheduled to have been an hour-long appointment easily stretched into an hour and forty minutes of kind, warm, supportive care. It was a nourishing experience--one I'll have to continue to examine and implement if I hope to reap the benefits of deep change. I'm too tired for detailing the visit now, but I will say this: today I met a healer. I feel such peace about what Joseph and I talked about and worked through together, and all that he reflected back as he listened to me, body and voice. I went into the situation with an open mind but with permission from myself to abandon ship if at any point it didn't feel right. It felt right.

So, I'm caught up with my homework still. I guess that gives me perfect attendance too, right?

On a different subject, Rob and I went to the movies with siblings this afternoon--a King Kong matinee. After a truly miserable lineup of previews (too many dark, creepy, pointless movies on tap), the main feature played before our eyes for three hours. I wouldn't say it was a masterpiece, but it was fun. Jack Black reminds Rob and me both of the fabulous Mr. Billy. My main objection is that there was a great deal of profanity in the film. I think Kong himself was the only character who didn't use it (or maybe he did--I don't speak gorilla). Tell me, truly, what would that movie have lost without it? Realism? Har har. Give it a rest, will you please, Peter Jackson, people? The OED is so full of descriptive words that you'll never live long enough to learn them all, let alone use them, but it's an adventure to try. Why not be more creative? Be unique! Trade off the bad language for actual word-power. Having to hear (and read) careless language is like having to breathe second-hand smoke. I don't want to stop listening to what you have to say, but I'm choking on some of your choices. I appreciate when others make respect a higher priority than so-called authenticity.


Chemical Billy said...

Ha! Mr. Billy denies the Jack Black comparison, but with a certain resignation.

A gold star for you on your homework, Geo. This Joseph fellow sounds like Good Things.

Geo said...

I realized too late that I'm probably the 10,000th person to tell Mr. Billy who reminds me of him. Sorry! If it's any consolation, my brother-in-law Joey saw Kong with us and he's almost a dead ringer for Wolverine from X-Men, and we tell him so all the time. He even has the same lambchops. Tell the Mr. that Rob and i say he had the great face first; Jack Black's only a weak imitation (but still cute).