28 April 2006

It's my bloggy and I'll cry if I want to


Why did I try to cut my own hair? Why?! It was finally almost normal again, and I had enough even around my stupid "spots" to have gotten a decent 'do. Why did I try to do it myself? Now I'm going to have to wear my one and only bandanna for MONTHS, clear through the summer! I'm inconsolably hacked! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhccckkgggghhhhh!!!!!!!

I am going to dig a hole, jump in, and pull a dirt blanket over myself. Please bring flowers to decorate the spot.


Jamie said...

Shucks! The picture you posted is a big red "x" on my end! Poor Georgia! Good thing I am coming to your house in like an hour and I can see it for myself! And don't feel bad, cuz, although I am pleased with my short hair, all my cowlicks are making it something entirely different than what I left the shop with on Tuesday night! Maybe if we're really super good, we'l get the hair of our dreams in the resurrection. Or bald will be cool.

compulsive writer said...

OK, so I haven't met you. Yet. And I've only seen like one and one-half pictures of you. But you are a beautiful person.

I will tell you what I told my son when I got the bright idea to try out the brand new pair of professional clipping shears (but failed to understand the purpose of the graduated guides)--sans guide--right down the middle of his head. It will grow back. (It did).

Sorry for your pain. Will some good poetry help? I found the red notebook! Let me know when's a good time.

LuckyRedHen said...

Walmart has some darned cute bandana's for $.94!

When I decided to go shorter, the first time I REALLY freaked out because it was so different. But now I get un-requested compliments and others wanting the same doo.

Don't fret. You'll get used to it. Get some cute little clippies and join me in the 2000's and look 13.

The funkier, the better.

Geo said...

james: Your cowlicks looked great. No worries.

If it's true that we get to choose our 'dos in the Resurrection, I would like to place an order for a headful of natural corkscrews like my friend Elizabeth Voigt. They don't have to be blonde like hers--I'll keep my own color (brown OR white, whichever goes best with my new-and-improved body). A heavenly Medusa--that's what I'd like to be!

compulsive: You're very sweet! Anyway, hair schmair. The trauma's over now and I've certainly had worse cuts in my life (and even paid for them). in fact, I'm thinking I may blog soon about my Worst Haircuts Ever. That ought to put things back into perspective!

Good poetry helps everything, so, y es, I'm ready to rendezvous soon!

imsewfunny: Gee, that's even cheaper than the viral! Looks like I'm about to become a dedicated Wal-Mart fashionista. Thanks for the style tip!

I've been battling with my hair falling out in chunks for the past couple years, so it's been an uphill battle trying to get it to look normal, and I think that's why I was temporarily in despair yesterday. Believe me, it's not because this is the first dumb 'do I've had in my life! But occasional dumb 'dos build character, right?

Teeny clippies are an alternative I've not explored yet. Hmmmm! 13 again! Ouch! But maybe I've got enough white hairs that I can get away with wearing them anyway . . . people will just say, "Oh, her, she's just kind of eccentric."

compulsive writer said...

You can so totally get away with teenie clippies. In fact, the three times I actually remembered to wear mine, the young, cool and hip seemed to look right past my fat, forty, frumpiness and they told me how great I looked.


It's like magic or something. I'm really hoping my brand new and kind-of-cool glasses can work the same miracle.

LuckyRedHen said...

I think we can get Teenie Clippies to spread like The Sisterhood of the Viral Shirts.

Let's get it going on.

Geo said...

Ladies, I believe I'll have to watch this bloggerette-sanctioned fashion trend from the sidelines. I think I never was and never will be a candidate for teeny clippies. Over the weekend I tried them on in my imagination, and have concluded that I'm just not the cute type. I can appreciate everyone's else's creatively-clipped 'dos, however. I'll be watching the streets for flower busts and heads full o' clippies.

compulsive writer said...

That's OK. I tried the viral shirt on in my imagination and it wasn't a go for me, so that's why I bought it for a friend.

In any case, the weekend is over and so is the month of April and so is Monday. So are you having a better week?

Geo said...

compulsive: my life got exponentially better once I figured out I really wasn't the cute type--can't remember exactly when it happened--but it's saved me some fashion statement embarrassment along the way. Every little bit helps! I still don't quite know what type I am yet, though I feel most comfortable when I Jeckyl and Hyde between minimalist and eclectic. One of my friends (male) dubbed me "not fussy". Is that a look?

As for things looking up: May is a beautiful month! My hair has grown a brazillionth of an inch! I am out in the sun more! My bike tires are inflated! What's not to be better?