28 February 2006


This one's maybe not too profound (or maybe it is), but I think it's worth recording for fun, just in case I get some confirming baby news in the near future.

Last night I dreamed that beautiful Stephanie, a young friend of mine whom I used to teach and work with in a church youth organization, and who got married last spring, came to visit me. Her face looked a little tense as she came in. I got the feeling something was bothering her. As she walked around some furniture to get to me for a hug of greeting, I noticed that she had one hand absently on her belly and her index finger was lightly resting in her navel. Ah! "Stephanie, are you pregnant?!" She said that she was and fell into my arms. We shared a loving, tight squeeze and her face relaxed and she smiled as I congratulated her with genuine happiness and interest. It hadn't been in her plans, maybe, but it was really okay.

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