28 February 2006

So-and-so's future husband

I have a girlfriend who is dedicatedly LDS like me, and very single at the moment. Last week I dreamed of a handsome, intelligent man--a man I recognized as her future husband. What I remember of this dream is that I met him some time before she did and he and I developed a fast, warm friendship. I recall that he was not quite ready to learn about our church at that time. Then I was called by some authority to be a missionary--can't remember how I received this formal call, only that I was happy about devoting myself to full-time service--and I spent time considering how best to help this new friend of mine. This part is very very fuzzy now, but my girlfriend finally entered the picture and the two of them met. Things didn't go quite perfectly between them in the beginning, and my girlfriend went through some deep frustration over that, because she already knew that they were meant to be together. She began quietly fretting and grumbling and questioning the situation, but I watched it all with a feeling that her patience with him would pay off.

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