17 February 2006

Holdin' on

If you build the t-shirt, they will come. Friends, that is. Friends willing to wear your weird t-shirt with you. Youll never know unless you try, right? That's like the way it worked with my knit group. Marianne, thanks for sending me that truly stange catalog link. I love it! Maybe Team Deseret needs to have a mob fitting and place an order with Pantalaine. . . ?


heidi said...

If I could manage to figure out how to get into it, I would consider stunt-testing that shirt. Maybe not with you, G, no offense...the size difference might throw us off...three-legged race style.

Um, my hats...you asked about the inspiration? Yeah, so I knit some for retail, but most are custom jobs. A lot of the time people know what they want, but some of them need a little guidance, either in what's attainable, affordable, or just plain looks good. I help 'em figure it out, and then I make it. In the case of the Frosted Cupcake, he told me he wanted a brown hat, with earflaps, and pink trim, pom, and danglers. I added the multi-tonal brown with an alpaca-silk twist. They know when they come to me that I'm going to use high-quality stuff, unlike some other people. I do cater to snowboarders, though, of course!

Geo said...

True enough about the discrepancy in our heights. The only way it might work would be to arrange ourselves and a few others in something like a bell curve shape. Otherwise, tripping and pain! I still like the shirt though--a cross between straightjacket and friendly--very relatable to my style.

You are a natural born marketer, Heidi, not to mention a clever fashionista.

heidi said...

I like that, a friendly straightjacket! Suits us!

I nearly peed myself watching the ice dancers last night. Those costumes were ammmmmaaaazzzziiiinnnngggg! We watch "Project Runway," too, and Jeremy was getting all into it. I saw men's nipples on ice! That's so scary I can't even begin to process it!

Geo said...

Nipples on ice? I'll stick with the full-coverage plus of those Alps dresses a la Parade of Nations. Much warmer and you have built-in stuff to play with when the ceremonies get a little dry.