30 December 2005

No soapbox tonight

Just a few things I'm thankful for:

• being treated to a Banana Republic sale and lunch
• Gary's graciousness to Gram over the gift of a pound cake that stuck to the pan
• Candida-friendly marzipan
• friends who like me in spite of myself
• lips
• love that gets bigger
• a new year coming
• "delete"
• driving a back road and coming across Joseph running like a nut in newly falling snow
• time spent laughing with Rob
• the sound of the midnight train
• cards that keep coming after Christmas
• shelter
• a head that's clear enough to feel gratitude
• homemade 4th of July parades and memories of them on the 30th of December


Azúcar said...

Lately I've been thinking about that midnight train. No, not because it might take me to Georgia (wait a second...)

I've been noticing that you can hear that train from just about any place in the city (town?) Mouth of the canyon, homes of friends, my own modest condo, my mother's abode, you can hear the train from so many places. All connected on these wintry nights.

Geo said...

And the connection seems all the more important on long, wintry nights. Long, wintry, insomniac nights! (Thanks for all your comments. We should both be asleep, huh?)

Chemical Billy said...

...and I'm grateful for a friend like you.