07 March 2005

Nothing could be finer than to eat lunch in a diner

I've got urpy heartburn, even nine hours and one well-behaved home-cooked supper past lunch. That'll teach me to deviate from the usual cheeseburger and fries that I eat when Gram asks to go to the one local greasy spoon she finds acceptable. I will remember to never again order one of the lunch plates at Pete's. Country-fried steak, for crying out loud! Everything submerged in gravy! What was I thinking? To be honest, I must admit that I was thinking, "Hey this time I'll really get into the true spirit of the American diner!" I thought I'd branch out. I should have seen it coming, this heartburn. Ecch. But it could have been worse. I nearly ordered liver and onions. And I HATE liver and onions. You see how the whole experience overtook me?

Aw! I have to cut this short. Here's another item I want to write about here, later but soon: the insane bird at the dentist's office.

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Elizabeth said...

I want to hear about the insane bird at the dentist office.