09 March 2005

Bob-bob-bobbing along

Remember? "Discipline starts with a haircut."

Yeah, but it's gotta be a GOOD haircut. I finally got one today, I think. We'll see how well I shape up from here.


DogMan said...

Thanks for your post today... I replied in length on my site, but I wanted to add a more personal note here. Don't give up on your blog.. believe it or not, it gets read more than you think. People don't always post comments.. in fact, we probably skip the comments more often than not. But even past that, maybe you should ask yourself the same questions you asked me... Why do you do it? It's probably a release for you. Maybe it's a way to organize your own thoughts? Have you ever been troubled by something, start writing, and just have the answers all fall together? That happens for me in my personal journal all the time. Maybe it's nothing more for you than an artistic expression? Who knows why you do it. But remember at one time you wanted to have a blog, try to recall why and refresh your own memory. I hope all is well, and look forward to hearing from you.

DogMan said...

PS. I'm hoping you didn't mind that I referenced your comment or your blog on my page? If so, please let me know ASAP and I'll edit it however needed. Also, tomorrow, I'm going to reference one of your posts because I think it's BRILLIANT and goes wonderfully with something I wanted to rant about. Any objections?