24 September 2013

Thirteen good reports

  1. smiling black chihuahua, river-wet, disheveled, delighted
  2. two olive-skinned boys in flannel, cautiously looking for a hidden fishing spot
  3. sweet grassy horse breath
  4. swerving to miss pedaling over wooly bears and grasshoppers
  5. beautiful toothless woman working at the gas station who gave me a free coffee cup and cold water
  6. September light filtering through trees 
  7. skin as solar panel
  8. evidence of primal sidewalk chalk screams
  9. going back for the $10 I forgot in the self-checkout machine's change slot, and some honest soul had turned it in to a cashier
  10. writing our gratitudes at lunchtime
  11. Casey Bowen's handmade soap
  12. watching friends succeed at acting, directing and doing
  13. THIS:

1 comment:

RoxxStarr said...

Those are good things that are frequently overlooked. Good game of I spy, think I'll join you for round 2.