11 January 2013

Climbing, clean

Brutal day, excellent day. A serious climb. There's so much to say, but I feel deeply quiet now at the end of it all. More tomorrow, maybe. 

But there is this: Thanks, Diane O., for praying to keep me safe on the road to Salt Lake and back. I'm  giving you some of the credit for the fact that our meeting was canceled and we didn't have travel, but instead were able to join our incredible neighbors at the temple. Way to represent, Diane!

I'm going to my sleep tonight grateful for love, and for the renewal of my belief that no one is forgotten. Not a soul at any time or in any place is forgotten. All are known by name and by heart, and loved.

The rest can wait. Goodnight.


lara said...

"all are named." thanks for the reminder.

Holly Decker said...

and i think i know that Diane O.
great lass, she is.

Sweet Capture said...

I appreciate your positive perspective! And I love, "All are known by name and by heart, and loved." :)