20 March 2012

Needs and wants

It's spring! The real beginning of the new year. I've been anticipating this day by eating flowers. The first front yard dandelion (of many to come—sorry, neighbors) peeped its yellow eye at me and I picked it and popped it into my mouth. It tasted like sunshine. The first violet appeared and I ate that too—delicious. I love spring so I could eat it up. I'm hungry for it it. Gimme. It's time to wake up, be reborn. I want to internalize this fresh gorgeous light and pop out all over with flowers and happy weeds.

It's been a while since I checked in with the Google Oracle and asked the great and powerful internet to explain me to myself. Here's what it revealed today:

  • Georgia needs nuclear power.
  • Georgia needs more virtual schools.
  • Georgia needs migrant labor.
  • Georgia needs a win here.
  • Georgia needs more friends and fewer fans.
  • Georgia needs more trauma centers.
  • Georgia needs several transportation megaprojects.
  • Georgia needs fosters.
  • Georgia needs commuter rail.
  • Georgia needs willpower.
  • Georgia needs you.
  • Georgia needs Christmas angels to help.
  • Georgia needs assessment.
  • Georgia needs to put foot down.
  • Georgia needs more sunlight.
  • Georgia needs to read more honestly.
  • Georgia needs a home.
  • Georgias need hope.

  • Georgia wants to hear from farmers.
  • Georgia wants strategic alliances.
  • Georgia wants Rolling Stones to tour in 2012.
  • Georgia wants less water released.
  • Georgia wants to help husband get a job.
  • Georgia wants foreigners to pronounce her name differently.
  • Georgia wants to shock people into ending childhood obesity.
  • Georgia wants to outlaw vasectomies.
  • Georgia wants to make miscarriage a crime.
  • Georgia wants a no child waiver.
  • Georgia wants guarantees.
  • Georgia wants a bit more than a penny.
  • Georgia wants everyone to go fishing.
  • Georgia wants to stand up without props.
  • Georgia wants to come up.
  • Georgia wants to order respect.
  • Georgia wants to be on your mind.
  • Georgia wants to help lead the way.
  • Georgia wants her seat back.


Jamie said...

well, you're on MY mind...Happy spring, dear amiga! There's a song for you on my blog Just think! You've Marched forth all the way to spring...

marshall p said...

someday come to wilmington and play on the beach with us. we have lettuce in the garden (like a lot of it.)

Anna said...

I love those first violets! I've never tried the dandelions though.