08 November 2011

Giving Thanks, Day 8

Gratitude du jour:
  • the joy of movement, esp. walking fast on a crisp afternoon
  • messages from faraway friends
  • sweet irony: Last night a friendly neighbor sent over an ENORMOUS plate of gooey black magic box brownies, the kind that can turn deadly if you overindulge. After Rob and I cautiously sampled them, we decided we were in danger, so I loaded up the rest to share with a family I met with today. They were excited, and we were relieved. Hey, no emergency room trips for us! On my way home I received a text from a different neighbor friend, telling me she'd just left brownies on my porch and giving me full disclosure about her ingredients list, all healthy in the extreme. Those we finished off. 
  • fresh flowers in the house (love gifts)

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