06 November 2011

Giving Thanks, Day 6

Most of what I'm thankful for today goes beyond my words, but here are some of the beautiful parts I know how to say in English:

•wool, wool, wool, and wool tweed
terrific teaching resources
•people who say yes because they want to
•people who aren't hesitant to express affection
•a day of worship and service
•when a community becomes like a family
•sincere and purposeful self-disclosure
•sharing spiritual experiences
•the little girl who snorted super loudly behind me in church when everybody else said, "Amen"
•good hearts
•good intentions (that even occasionally produce good results)
•the constant need for change
•listening before speaking, sometimes without speaking
•letting go of the need to be perfect
•introducing a roomful of women to our Good Riddance tradition with a mini-bonfire
•making healthy commitments
•the thrill of discovering something true
•giving openly in a new friendship
•big plans
•little plans
•kindnesses, anonymous and not
•Rob's salad
•watching a friend dress to impress a girl and be on his best behavior during our family dinner
•thinking I had lost this draft and then finding it


Amy said...

#3. Because I can rarely wind it through my fingers without bringing to mind lovely warm memories of evenings at your house. :)

Melody said...

What a lovely, lovely list. And lovely you.