02 November 2011

Giving Thanks, Day 2

Another list.
  • a new recipe for a Dutch baby (apple)
  • sitting in the sun by the lake and writing the opening of a new story
  • hot water (Mary, you are so, so right!)
  • moving furniture
  • laying plans to pass on Big Pink to a friend who has the crappiest couch in town
  • Simple Green + microfiber cloths
  • listening to an enlightening interview with Dr. John Gray
  • wearing Rob's sweater
  • not watching Kung Fu Panda
  • being raised by people who loved to give
  • Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor
  • finally locating a sweet spot in the house where we can play records on the German Telefunken without our steps causing the needle to skip across the vinyl
  • take-out bean and cheese pupusas + that magical pickled cabbage-jalapeƱo stuff
  • KUER's nighttime jazz
  • swapping love letters
  • more Mexican chocolate brownies
  • cold, clean night air
  • feeling well enough to attend teacher training
  • being taught a new way to deepen gratitude: Each day, write down three things you're thankful for... and then ask yourself, "Why/how did they happen?" 


Melody said...


Cold, clean night air. It smelled like winter last night.

Rik said...

If there is one thing (among many) we miss about Provo, it is pupusas. I, too, am very thankful for pupusas.