10 October 2011

You say goodbye and I say download

This morning I had to say goodbye to my dear Arizona-bound friend, Holly, so when I got home from our breakfast date to Einstein Bros Bagels I needed some cheering up. Lucky for me we have a rusty old turntable in the basement, and a fun stash of my dad's Martin Denny albums! I got the party started with Afro-Desia, vintage 1959. Good stuff!

What's that? You've never heard of the "father of exotica"? I weep for you! Listen, you haven't lived until you've danced to "TseTse Fly"!

I know just how to fix this situation. I'm going to share some of the day's soundtrack with you. Yes, yes, I know you haven't got a turntable. I'm not planning to loan you any vinyl. (I mean, c'mon.) But, resourceful gal that I am, I have discovered a free download of the entire album which you can access if you will click here and then simply save Afro-Desia to your computer. Included with the music is the cover art, which as any fan knows is all-important if you want the complete Martin Denny experience. I tried the download. It works.

I can't wait to hear how you love it. Ma'chumba!

If you get into that one, you can find other Martin Denny gems to download from the same file-sharing site I linked to above. Here's a preview of Quiet Village:

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