17 September 2011

A new season begins

We went out driving in the canyons in the afternoon, hoping for some first glimpses of autumn, and we were not disappointed. The oranges and red are just beginning to pop here and there. Oh! After such a wet spring and a lush summer, I think we're going to get quite a show this year. It will be hard to focus on valley life now that I know the season's color burst is underway. Wish we could hole up in some cabin in the mountains for the next few weeks and watch it all happen up close. 

I was too busy loving the scenery to think to snap pictures of it, but I did grab a shot of this osprey nest at the Jordanelle State Park near Francis. Ospreys are such beautiful birds (and like the turning leaves, not pictured here). We watched them for a long time and Rob managed to get some recordings of them, although there's noise interference from the road. What a gorgeous place we live in. I love Utah. I love how quick and easy it is to escape the city and get to some place magnificent.

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Scott said...

Autumn, how I love this season. My shutter finger is getting itchy too. I just hope we don't come back from Capitol Reef to find the colours have all come and gone in record time.