07 March 2011

The Loaf of Love is Large and Wordy

Saturday we went to a wedding celebration. Happiness! Found out that our friend married her friend the day before the party, on March Forth. What an auspicious day. I say they are destined for connubial bliss.

Beautiful Andi hosted the party. Happiness! Pompons and popping flashes. Old friends, good food. Profundities baked into Andi's artful and ever-communicative bread, like so:

It originally said, "MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA" in honor of the bride. March forth, Marsha. Marcha, marcha, marcha! May your joys be plenty and your kisses long.

And now for the advice of the evening:

Funny, but even after reading the directions on this loaf of bread, one of the party guests felt compelled to ask a stranger's permission (mine, because I was the one standing there) to cut into the words. He never actually spoke to me, just looked at me helplessly with a worried question on his brow. I told him, "Oh, just go ahead!"

I wonder if he felt guilty eating the word "ENJOY"?

Forget the meaning and enjoy. Observe how it's done properly, this letting go and taking pleasure in a wonderful moment:

She's just blindly tossed a pretty green bouquet, launched it, laughing, not looking. And see what happens next?

More delight! Leaping and laughing. Where's the bouquet? You never saw it, did you? So either I'm not a great photographer, or it just doesn't matter—your choice. (Trust me, it was green.)

Look, aren't the newlyweds wonderful? Marsha and Clint. Full of meaning that they don't have to remember every conscious moment. Full of joy because they let themselves forget for a little while and simply enjoy.

At least that's my take on things. 

Check out this cake. After Marsha and Clint nodded to tradition and fed each other a piece (nicely, not stuffingly) for the crowd, they walked away to continue enjoying themselves. And The Cake became a help-yourself affair. I was amused at how long it took people to give themselves permission to furtively walk up and hack off a hunk. Guilt, guilt. But as we saw earlier in this post, even a label might not have been enough to help them with that. 

Glad I wasn't shy because that almond frosting rocked the house. (Forget the calories and enjoy.)


Rynell said...


Melody said...

Wonderful, wonderful. I enjoyed every word! Thanks. And the photos.

HollybyGolly said...

I love your recounting of the reception - it was such a wonderful celebration of joy!

marshall p said...

Clint said, "There you go, our wedding was well reviewed."

I love those pictures, and you actually got a good one of Clint where he's not giving the bird!

That cake was super delish. Did you see the picture of us after we fed each other cake and just shrugged. We didn't know what we were supposed to do next... oh well.

Clint just read my comment and said to say that he doesn't give the bird. (lies.)