08 November 2010

Rainy day drinks

I have two good recipes to share with you, used them both today. Hopefully you'll only have a need for the first, but just in case....

You're welcome.

Geo's Portable Good Earth Tea
1 0.5-liter thermos (I recommend this dreamy stainless steel Alfi, but you'll want to save up for it)
1 bag of Good Earth Original Caffeine-Free Tea
rice milk

Put on a kettle and boil some water. Leaving the string out, stuff a single tea bag into your thermos, pour in boiling water to within an inch or two of full. Close your thermos up and let the tea bag steep for 5-10 minutes. Open the thermos, remove the tea bag, and fill the rest of the space with rice milk. Now close up your thermos full of niceness and take it with you on an adventure, or enjoy it at home with elevensies.

Migraine Cure
2 Mexican Cokes
4 ibuprofen
1 assisted trip to bed
0 sounds
0 light
1 really big bowl, just in case
1 hot water bottle, or to taste
2 quilts made by somebody who loves you
1 careful back rub
1 blessing
1 hankie, clean and soft
1 telephone handset, set to Ringer Off

Mix together gently and immobilize for several hours till pain stops.

Tomorrow: a study of The Vacation as Love Letter. Stay tuned (and please stay well).


cw said...

Feel better soon, dear Geo.

Jamie said...

mmm, sorry you needed that last recipe---it sounds just like mine (because Mexican Coke can cure pretty much anything). hope you're all better and enjoying being home in the fallishness. miss you.