13 October 2010

Silent triad, speak!

This is really something. Please visit the link. Please listen. Please read. Tell me what you think. I can't get enough. Nowhere near enough. 

I've been thinking for a while about recording adoption stories, starting my own collection. My Rob has been thinking about it too. We attend the monthly adoption workshops required by both state law and the agency we're working with, and in those we frequently get to hear adoptive families speak about their experiences. Last week we attended the October class and the entire time was devoted to a birth mother panel. Three brave, generous, beautiful women came and spoke about their journeys as they chose to place their babies for adoption. I don't know how to quantify how much love I felt for those women. No pity, no judgment, just deep admiration and awe. It was a sacred night, I felt. I was overwhelmed by love.

I think that November is going to be my month to make a start on this pet recording project. I'm already going to be conducting and/or facilitating three different interviews next month (non-adoption-related), so the ol' mic and recorder will already be fired up and ready to roll. If you think you would enjoy talking out your adoption story, please let me know, and maybe we can figure out when to chat in the coming months. I don't know that our discussion will ever end up on Transom.org or anywhere else important, but even if just you and I are the audience that's enough to make it worthwhile. If you can't or don't want to talk face-to-face, I can always record you over the phone or probably Skype (just give me minute to figure it out). Whatever part you've played in the "silent triad"—birth parent, adoptee, or adoptive parent—or as a different kind of participant, I am all ears. 

If you want to email me and discuss this more, my address is pogofig at gmail dot com.

I'd love to.


Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...


I know a woman who has two amazing, very "open" adoptions. Her stories are fascinating to me. Both children coming from such different stock and both of their "open" experiences so different as well.

But it is the Mother and Father that so open up their hearts to this process that completely mystifies me. I stand in awe of the process.

She also happens to work for LDS adoption services up here and probably has a million interesting stories herself. She, also, has a deep respect for birth moms.

Anonymous said...

I was adopted and my wife and I adopted 2 of our 3 children. My favorite story is my own adoption. My parents had adopted my brother and sister (2 older siblings) when a friend and doctor called with a baby (in another state). They left for the weekend to pick me up and found out they had to meet residency requiremtents. My dad, a college professor, took any job he could find, so he shoveled coal for a boiler until they could adopt me. I have always told my brothers and sisters that Dad loved me best because he had to work the hardest for me! (Dad never disagreed either!)

k. said...

Our boyo is adopted (everyone says he looks just like his dad! hahah) His birthmother selected us through LDS Family Services. She was so sure that we were the ones that she was ready to fight his birthfather in court. We didn't have to; everyone decided this was "right" for the boy. He came home from the hospital to us, but his birthmother was so gracious as to invite us to be there at the hospital when he was born and to visit her during "her three days" with him. I just sent her a birthday gift and think of her often. We still send pictures. He is 3 1/2.

lollie74 said...

Hi Georgia,
My name is Laura and I am Jamie's little siter. I am a Birth Mom and I had the amazing chance to meet my son in July of this year. He will be 18 in November. I so love his family and he has grown into such an amazing young man.

Geo said...

Oh, thank you for telling me a little of your stories! I'd love and love hearing more, if you're ever inclined!

Jamie said...

My growing up friend, Becky (she was actually more friends with Willy, but whatevs)and her husband and son are welcoming a baby boy thru LDSFS THIS WEEKEND...we are so excited. Love is all around!

Jami and James said...

I came across your blog through Amanda's and saw your post on adoption. My youngest sister is adopted and I thought you might like to hear the story through the words of my sister Cami.

-Jami Harward