17 October 2010

Nighttime questions

  1. How far would you walk if it meant you could get away from yourself?
  2. If you found a Hostess Ding Dong lying in the grass (still safely in its plastic) would you take it home to share with someone, find a place where you could sit and enjoy it by yourself, or leave it on the ground for the next person (or hungry dog or bird), never looking back? What if it was raining?
  3. If, up ahead of you on the sidewalk, there was a homeless man animatedly fuming and gesticulating to some unseen person while he made up his sleeping bag bed with great care on a city bench, would you approach and pause to wish him a good evening, or would you quickly jaywalk to the other side of the street, waving a stupid hello from the center line, taking no chances?


AzĂșcar said...

1. 10 miles.

2. I would take it home to share.

3. I'd give the man the Ding Dong. And then I'd cross the street (my car's over there.)

Scott said...

1. As far as it takes.

2. I would leave it for the next person (not much for Ding Dongs).

3. I would give him the benefit of the doubt and walk on, wishing him a good evening, but ready to flee for my life if need be.

Melody said...

1. Always walking toward myself, never ever away. It's a long enough journey and I don't want to make it longer.

2. I don't like ding-dongs. I'd pick it up and put it in the trash.

3. I would not cross the street, continue passed him and smile to acknowledge him. If he asked me to help him, I would.