18 June 2010

Talk to strangers

Forget what your mother taught you, just this once. Talking to strangers is an excellent way to make new friends and, if you're photographer Justin Hackworth, capture some beautiful portraits while you're at it. Observe:

(Yeah, that's me and my mum-in-law, bottom left. She's got killer electric blue eyes, that woman!) 

Mum and I were fortunate enough this year to be among the mothers and daughters selected to participate in Justin's annual 30 Strangers Project. I like to think we made a little history; we were the first pair of in-laws Justin shot for this excellent fundraiser benefitting the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. We were both so honored.

And we will be honored again if you will join us for the opening reception of the gallery exhibit: "30 Strangers III: Portraits of Mothers and Daughters." Come and get to know some new faces. Visit with neighbors and friends. Meet Justin and, if you like, schedule your own mother-daughter portrait session for a $75 contribution to the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. Most importantly, support those in our community who are the victims of domestic violence; let them know that they are not strangers. 

I hope to see you at the party!

Opening Reception
Friday, July 2, 2010
from 6:00 till 9:00 p.m.
26 West Center Street, Provo Utah

Additional gallery hours
July 3 & 5 12pm - 8pm
July 6-9 2pm - 5pm

Here are some more details about the exhibit. And here's the press release.


Sweet Capture said...

I love the shot of you and your mum-in-law. So touching...

Mickelle said...

What a beautiful tradition Justin has! I love his work.

Dr. Srtockton said...

Nice... really nice.

Becca said...

I hope to make it to the exhibit at some point while it's up. I love what I've seen so far.

Lloyd & Kristi said...

Maybe I'm a little slow but i can't see the photo of you and your mom. Is there a link that I am missing?

Angela said...

Hello, Geo. I thought of you today. I started reading "Mom: A celebration of mothers from Storycorps" which made me think of you. And then there was a story about red shoes! I think you would love the story and the book. Hope you are having a great summer!