17 March 2010

Sowing seeds, reaping media

NEIL: [who has been hoeing—picks up a large bag of seed packets] OK, I've plowed this bit, right. And now I'm going to sow it. [throws packets of seed down] This self-sufficiency thing really is amazing. We sow the seed, right. Nature grows the seed, and then, we eat the seed. And then, after that, we sow the seed, nature grows the seed, and then, we eat the seed. And then, after that again, we sow the seed, nature grows the seed...
RICK: Oh, shut up, Neil! Shut up! Shut up. It's pathetic. I mean, what about radical magazines? What about Kicker boots?! Can we grow them? No, we can't, can we?! The beauty of your plan, Neil, seems to rest on everyone being really into seeds.
NEIL: No no no, Rick. You don't understand the timeless wonder of the whole thing. We sow the seed! Nature grows the seed. We eat the seed. And then...
[Rick clobbers Neil with a shovel. Neil collapses, unmoving.]

So it has come and gone, the big project that's been burning a hole in my brain for the past season—the first-ever Utah County Community Seed Exchange. It was fun, and successful. Several local businesses were very generous with their donations, providing us with all sorts of seeds, seeds forever, packet after packet of swappable-edible-beautiful seed bounty. The folks who braved the weather (snow and slop) to take part and trade their treasures and tips were wonderful; I met so many delightful people. Some of them had questions. Some had answers. All had enthusiasm and interest. This event was sure proof that gardening builds character, because there wasn't a dud in the bunch! I feel really grateful to everyone who helped make it work—the donors, the swappers, the Extension service. We even had a few reporters on hand interviewing, photographing, videotaping—and I appreciate them very much. Old friends were reunited. New friendships were begun. Holy moly, what a treat! The day just flew. 

Now it's time to turn my attention to other projects, but half my brain is still taken up with a growing obsession (yep, pun intended). My yard and garden need a heckuva lot of work. And now I've got a revamped stash of beautiful seeds, all ready to be planted and nurtured. Wow! Exciting!

I got so caught up in the details of the exchange that I forgot to do things like pick up copies of the local paper when the pre-swap story ran and again when the post-swap story appeared. But I did read them online. Did you catch any of our newscaster's shout-outs? Here's the media lineup (and big thanks again to all who spread the word):

BYU Universe Daily News at Noon video (you'll find the exchange story about halfway through)

If anyone who attended took photos and is willing to share, please contact me. My personal photographer experienced some technical difficulties that day, so I am essentially pictureless. 

Mwah! Now get planting, friends!


Dr. Stockton said...

[Rick clobbers Neil with a shovel. Neil collapses, unmoving.]

Wait, wasn't that in Blood Simple?

I see a sequel: Seed Simple

Lois said...

I hope that's from "The Young Ones." The best show ever!!!

Loved, loved, loved the seed exchange. Can't wait to try out our new seeds.

Once I'm feeling better, I'll bring by a Sunday newspaper (just one? I've got five copies).

Jamie said...

love that you quoted me in this post!

love, Rick (with a silent P)

erika danielle eddington said...

Hiya Georgia!
I nominated you for a beautiful blogger award. Check it out: