09 March 2010

A Reviewer is Born

VERY excited about this production.

In fact, I'm SO excited about it that I am stealing a night away from this insanely busy week to which I swore I wouldn't add another calendar item, and I am going to SEE this production opening weekend and REVIEW it here like I know what I'm talking about, and I'm not going to regret any sleep I have to lose to make up for those happily-anticipated hours in the theater.


Because The Glass Menagerie was the first play I can remember reading and falling in love with. Before Harold Pinter, before Sam Shepherd, before David Mamet, it was Tennessee Williams for me.

Also, because I find myself in deep smit with Mortal Fool Theater Project. And I can hardly wait to see what they do with this classic. Their production of Frankenstein was so much fun last year.

Oh, and one last reason: I'd like to get in for free. Wouldn't you? (You should pledge a review as well and see if you get lucky.)

P.S. Hi. I'm back.


c-dub said...

welcome back. i love you. and i, too fell in love w/ the glass menagerie at first sight. my friend and roommate starred in byu's production of it ages ago. it's so deliciously melancholy.

Dr. Srtockton said...

Welcome back indeed.

b. said...

YAYYYY! You're back!

I've missed you like cuh-razy!

Becca said...

"Hi. I'm back." = best news all day.

Lois said...

Little glass animals freak me out.

I was so looking forward to a "March Forth" post from you! There wasn't one. I guess you were too busy doing the marching this year.

Mortal Fools said...

So glad you could come last night! Looking forward to reading what you think!