03 February 2010

E.A.T. v.2

Heidi's posted another writing prompt: this time, a six-word memoir, a la Smith Magazine (via Talk of the Nation). I can't stop thinking about it. The fingers of my left hand are continually counting the words I'm stringing together in my head. Five? Out. Seven? Out. Six? Yeah, but is it a true six? Here's the first memoirette I feel pretty sure about. Yeah, I'm looking into the future here, but why not hope for the best? My life in six words:

Slow germination. Late bloomer. Good fruit.

So, what do you have to say for yourself? I'd like to read your life story in six words. So would Heidi. Go on, I dare you.


Heidi said...


Lois said...

You're awesome.

I'm loving the "Author's Table." It's too much fun.

Becca said...

This one really captured my attention and imagination too. I started a post last night with a list in response but decided it was against my better judgment to post. Still I may put 1 or 2 over at E.A.T.

Good fortune in extended family members.

Scott said...

Right now, I think "Nature loving, world weary gentle soul" probably covers it.