10 December 2009

Thankful list du jour

• finding higher meaning in a dream about a speeding ticket
• while at the grocery store for emergency sickday oranges for Rob, running into three beautiful women—one, then another, then another—who all used to be "my girls" during the years I was a Young Women leader—and getting to observe them in context of being with their significant others
• remembering that it's better to love on people than to be shy about scaring them when I look and feel like a zombie but choose to go out into public anyway
• knowing that my friend (I'll call her Toots) is far from being a bad mother even though she adamantly claims she is after having kicked a giant hole in her brand-new wall today
• love notes from friends
this craft I am determined to make
• bringing home far too many library books to read in three weeks, but enjoying just having them around
• making plans for my "10 for '10" new year's resolutions (and actually looking forward to making some this year)
• ginger-lemon tea
my favorite "new" show on Netflix
• choosing poetry (not mine) for a chapbook
• 2 percent Lycra
• wool tights
• making it past the halfway point on my Master Gardener take-home exam
• Dad B.'s blood pressure rising to normal once he got to the E.R.
• the thought of free source of tubing for a drip irrigation system next spring (not many pros to a loved one doing home dialysis, but here's one)
• batteries
• new spending patterns
• remembering the mortgage
• spinach calzones smothered with roasted tomato sauce (made with buffalo)
• somebody I love gets to spend time in Oaxaca even if I don't
• June Roses Day in 8 days!
• Christmas letters and photos
• salad for breakfast
• this revelation:


lara said...

LOVE the dijiredoo thing--I'd heard rumors about this, but if the Swiss are doing it, it must be true!

sue-donym said...

Love your 10 for 10 idea!

TonyB said...

I love the ... shoot, why selective about it, the whole list is grand.

But OK, the dream one is my fave.

anna said...

What it the 10 for 10? I loved hearing your voice on the phone the other day.

Melody said...

I used to shun people who believed in giving (fabric) blends a chance!! Natural fibers or death . . . then came the 2% Lycra.

I am a changed woman.