02 December 2009

I'm a believer

Oh me of little faith. I should have trusted them when they said Communal was amazing. But . . . straight up American cuisine? Really? When was that ever divine?

But guess what, kids. It's true. Every word. Amazing. Heavenly. Deelish. Good enough to make me swoon. And the wallpapers in both bathrooms are nice too.

Try Communal. Have a beautiful meal. Go with beautiful friends, like we did. If you don't have any beautiful friends, go and make friends with the beautiful polenta. And the steak. And the squash with apples. And the brussels sprouts with almonds. And the wallpaper. And the art on the walls. And the big windows. And the service. And. And. And. And. Go. No money? Well, start washing cars, have a bake sale, mow some lawns. Do whatever you must to gather the funds to indulge yourself in some anti-recession joy. Sell your house. Really.

I for one am going to take up oil painting so I can trade canvases for eats. I've never been so motivated in my life. Move over, Brian Kershisnik—an artist is born.


Jamie said...

sounds divine. i smell a date night for our new years visit. erin & rhett are coming from nawlins for christmas, so we are coming down to utah to meet up 12/28-ny day. let's do get together!

and is this restaurant in the old candy shop? i am trying to place it...?

lara said...

Hee hee! I agree!

Geo said...

No, James, it's where goldsmith Jewelers used to be, on the corner of 1st North and University. Let's do get together!

Lara, you're also a convert, are you?

c-dub said...

i am still uninitiated.

and craving.

Catherine Hess said...

cool! sean and i love exploring the local cuisine. thanks for the tip - we'll definitely try it out