16 November 2009

Wearing out my muse

Some writers just can't take a hint, I guess.

But I've simply got to make that screenplay competition deadline!
Don't you have anything else for me?


Becca said...

ooh, you can do it! does your muse take bribes--like, say, from me?

Geo said...

Any muse of mine will always take bribes. Even a dead one.

TonyB said...

a) I don't think you're waring out your muse.

b) Some (most?) of the best stuff out there was written under deadline.

c) Don't take any guff from those swine.

Geo said...

Apparently, my muse's name is Lazarus. You were right! We'll see if my deadline stuff is among the best, or even the better. As for swine, isn't the guff the main ingredient of hot dogs?