19 November 2009

To Eggplant, with love

I gave my Master Gardener presentation today—on Eggplant. After learning much more about one of my all-time favorite foods, I realized that it's one of the most under-appreciated and misunderstood veggies of all time. It's been called many bad names, like Mala Insana or "Apple of Madness," and has suffered a badly marred reputation just because it's chummy with toxic cousins like Jimsonweed and Deadly Nightshade. But think about it. What has Eggplant ever done to you? And what could be nicer than a perfectly ripe, deliciously prepared Eggplant? Admit it, you can't live without Baba Ghanoush. I know I can't.

I dressed nicely for my presentation this afternoon—herringbone skirt, cabled sweater, chunky heels. I really should have worn my punk rock Docs instead, to show my solidarity with Eggplant.

If Eggplant had a soundtrack, this would be it:


Sylvia said...

I wish I were at your presentation so I could better to understand eggplant.

Sweets said...

I love eggplant, but I had no idea it had such a reputation. Now I'll have to google it. I continually marvel at how you put two seemingly unrelated things together... a soundtrack by The Animals and eggplant. Who knew?