21 November 2009

Thanksgiving started today

Paradox: In spite of its underlying melancholy, my day has been one of joy.

I got a Facebook message last week from an old friend Rob and I knew and loved when we were first married. We lost contact eons ago, and I've tried several times to find him over the years. What a happy surprise it was to have him just show up and want to reconnect. But as if that wasn't enough, he shared some news today that made me whoop loud, smile long, and cry a little. It came in parts: (1) he's decided to be baptized into our faith (and close enough for us to attend), (2) he's got a plan in the works to marry a friend he knew in high school way way way back when, and (3) he's moving back to Utah, and will be only half an hour from us. SO FABULOUS. I almost can't stand it, it's so beautiful.

And then. AND THEN. I find out THIS: La Yen is preggers! So so so so so so so so so very glad for her and hers. You just never know when it's going to be your turn for a miracle. I love that La Yen is now a Fertile Myrtle. I love that Jooj is going to have a baby Waldo or Walda (or both!) to teach some tricks. I love that La Yen and W get to pass on their superior genes to some lucky hatchling(s). They've got the Nurture part down pat as far as I can tell, and now they get to add Nature to their repertoire. Lovely every way you look at it.

So now I'm on a roll and since my friend who's getting baptized, hitched, and relocated has always been deeply connected with Thanksgiving in my memory (I will offer photographic evidence of why when I can find the pictures), I hereby declare that the holiday has begun. Tomorrow I hope to find some black olives to wear on my fingers to really get it started right.

Heidi Egan, if you're reading this, I'm talking about STEVE MIKE. (I know!)

So here are a few other items for the gratitude list today:

• I managed to squeeze myself into some long-disabled cords, thanks to the ol' elastic band trick. I may get my wardrobe back this year after all, and even ditch the elastic bands.

• Got half my mountain of laundry done. Kilimanjaro, just for reference.

This post. And this one. I love those girls.

• Said no to ranch dressing.

• Saturday music: Anna Moffo singing "Summertime," Derek & the Dominos covering "Little Wing," and an hour of bluegrass on Pandora

• Still eating black kale from the garden.

• My hair's beginning to grow back and fill in some of its crop circles.

• Had an unlooked-for chance to help Rob make an activity successful for a regional gathering of single adults which was held at our church meetinghouse.

• Got a nice big kiss planted on me in front of said singles after whispering to Rob that I'd been getting heavily flirted at by several of the fellers present.

• Pumpkin chocolate chippers.

• Goose down comforters.


• An at-home date: eating in, working to figure out details for our shadow puppet theater, and going for a chilly downtown walk.

• Table talk.

• Tony in the east, and Tony in the west, and the gift of their communications.

• Midnight biscotti.


b. said...

SO many things to be thankful for!

I'm SO thankful for YOU!

La Yen said...

I am thankful for you, too!
And I cannot say no to the Ranch. It is all I want to eat.

And I am glad I have a Georgia in you and in the Jooj. Everything is better with that.