01 November 2009

In my right mind

Whew. I actually made it through Blogtoberfest without missing a day. Now that November has come, it feels like time for another goal. I considered a writing task—after all, 'tis the season to put 50,000 words together at breakneck speed (see NaNoWriMo and its offshoots). I tried on a number of other possibilities for size: working out, practicing music, going sugar-free, reading this, learning that, and so on. These are great ideas and I hope to get around to them all, but for now I've concluded that simply committing to some healthy right-brain activity every day could be a real help to me this month. So, that's as specific as I'm going to make it at the outset: let the right brain come out and play.

I spent some time this morning reading different articles on the subject of brain health and making notes about activities that stimulate the right and left hemispheres. Very interesting. It's not hard to recognize that I desperately need more balance between the two—better brain order, better mood management.

Today I got a small start by shifting much of my right-hand work over to my left. Try it sometime; give your own non-dominant hand a chance to pull its weight and see if it doesn't slow you down and make you far more mindful of your tasks. Good thing I didn't have to be at church till 1:00 p.m. For fun, I also tried a silly little exercise I found online: With a marker or a crayon, draw a self-portrait. Upside down. With your non-dominant hand. Then sign your work. Still upside down. My Geo in highlighter green was laughable and, as in a bad dream, had forgotten her clothes. But she must have felt fully dressed because she was certainly smiling (no teeth though). Sorry I didn't think to scan her before I threw her away (after dressing her). I might try to draw her again soon, and if I do, I'll try to remember to introduce you, if I can persuade her to be modest.

I may eventually do some left hemisphere workouts too, but it feels right to begin with some creative, intuitive, non-structured relief. Care to join me?

Love, Lefty


Chemical Billy said...

Yay! I actually do this on a regular basis, switching my mouse at work from the left side to the right and back every few months. Time for another switchup, I think.

As a lefty tho', I'm often forced to conform to the righty world, so if you stumble upon other simple avenues, clue me in!

TonyB said...

I can barely work with my dominant hemisphere as it is ... switching over would probably be a huge mistake.

Becca said...

I'll be joining you; your project coincides with some goals of mine so yeah, I think I'll take this on.