07 October 2009

Weighing a day

• have to run from murderers in another dream
• sleep in
• go for swim practice
• spend time in the sun
• pose in down dog, proud warrior, cobra, or mountain
• do my Master Gardener homework (2 chapters)
• shower
• swear at the astonishing garden bounty in my kitchen
• buy the October Martha Stewart Living
• feel easy with the epiphany that most grocery aisles are filled with budget-sucking quasi-foods
• eat quinoa
• get to bed when I'd hoped to
• learn appliqué from Lady Danburry
• feel terribly excited about the rumpled picture of the luchador my 14-year-old friend Gladys spied on at the Hispanic Festival and now wants to marry
• fill and seal even one Mason jar
• find a way to watch NieNie on Oprah (must fix)
• overeat
• succeed breaking into my house

• drive a friend to work
• survive an episode of bad brains
• give my best advice
• do some pro bono work for another friend
• clean and sort tomatoes all afternoon
• listen to good music and talks while I worked
• hug and hug and hug and kiss Annie
• embarrass myself
• eat dinner with family
• surrender my Costco chicken sausages to the greater good
• pray
• enjoy in person an old friend I haven't talked to in months
• loan my banjo
• talk to myself
• buy fresh spices
• sneeze repeatedly
• hear an obscure hymn, which became a favorite this morning, played on classical radio tonight
• try to talk someone else into taking up the accordion
• make a promise
• appreciate irony
• cry
• laugh


Nat The Rat said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. Just wanted to chime in since Costco chicken sausages are NOT easy to part with.

Geo said...

You got that right, Nat!

Jessie said...

I made it in for a few minutes with Lady Danburry--that girl is amazing! I wish I'd remembered about the whole thing.

Johanna and Andy Smith said...

Geo, loving the daily posts. You can have my October Martha--I'll bring it down this weekend. oxox

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