11 October 2009

Fortunate 500

Well, here's a milestone—my 500th published Bright Street post. What a lot of words! Pictures too though, and here's another, hot off the flash card, a picture of some of the sweetest and dearest blessings in my life—a beautiful husband I'm completely smitten with and a tribe of in-laws I love so very much. Nearly all of us gathered this weekend; everyone was present except for our New Yorkers. After a rowdy supper those of us with cameras handed them over to our friend, Gary of the Tiaras. He was such a gracious photographer; we weren't easy subjects. Though I suspect Becca may have more frame-worthy ones on hers, this image was my favorite from my camera—seems like it's always the in between and off-center pictures I like best. It's not a perfect shot, but hey, it's the only one of the bunch where you can see everyone's face, the image isn't blurred or blown out, and there's no stink-eye passing between children.

Egans, we all wish you were here with us. You need to know that.

I don't have anything grandiose to say in honor of my #500, only that I am blessed and grateful. Blessed and grateful times 500. Rather, blessed and grateful to the 500th power. Then multiply that by eternity.

There really is no place like home.

As an extra celebratory treat, here is a rare recording by the Von Trapp Family Singers the Tribe, performing a rousing rendition of "Happy Unbirthday to Us," captured onsite this very evening at Tribal Headquarters. Please enjoy!

P.S. This was our third and final round of the song as kids took turns blowing out unbirthday candles. Mart was totally falsetto by this point.

P.P.S. Click to enlarge!


Natasha said...

Oh goodness. George is the anti-ager. Geez. He just looks like Chris. He looks more like I remember Chris looking than Chris himself, somehow.

You sure lucked out, Georgia. Great family. ;-)

Heidi said...

Love the audio pest recording. Made me cry and miss you guys all the more.

Sweets said...

Congrats on your 500th blog post. Sounds like you had a wonderful and fun-filled family reunion.

Geo said...

Natasha, Dad will love hearing that about Chris. You're right; I done good.

Heidi, it was a wild night and having you guys there would have added more joy and frenzy to the fray! So much for reverence on the Sabbath! ; )

Sweets, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I totally loved the unbirthday song. Then seeing the picture of The Tribe was awesome. You have a wonderful family and I pray for the best season ever! Love you lots, Rita of Birch

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic photo.