19 August 2009

Good therapies

• crying over a beautiful belated anniversary letter from my fella
• enjoying a triple chocolate sundae for elevensies, solo and guilt-free
• a hilarious story about my 60-something male cousin in Carolina having his first mammogram (and a not so funny lumpectomy—but it was benign, gratefully)
• a get-ready-for-it meal at our new favorite restaurant, Fusion
• this:

• wrapping my arms around the African detachment of our Tribe for the first time in too many months
• scrumptious archetype: Pooh-shaped toddler
• nieces and nephew blowing stinky plastic bubbles with their aunts and uncles
• making it comfortably into adorable size 8 green cords in the hospital gift shop (I owe it all to 2% spandex) (too bad they weren't on sale)
• wearing my dad's ruby aviator ring for courage
• an expertly done blood draw
• dabbing on just a tich of Chanel No. 5, vintage 1940s, and thinking of my mom
• significant pre-pay discounts
• helpful advice, strengthening words, and partnered faith from loved ones
• finally figuring out the recurring dream metaphor that had me freaking me out this morning
• reading a random passage of scripture in a way I never had before, and recognizing a personal answer that put an end to my panic attacks about surgery
• two backrubs!
• many excellent hugs
• check-in time changed from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Becca's lemony peach pie
• being encircled by husband, father-in-law, and brothers-in-law and given a priesthood blessing
• family members fasting with me after 11:00 p.m.
• finding an AVEDA CARE PACKAGE waiting on my doorstep, complete with helium balloons I can suck on for breakfast!
• fantasizing about answering hospital intake questions in a helium-induced Munchkin voice
• not a mastectomy
• not my right side
• petting a clean dog
• a relatively clean house to leave and come home to
• laundry's done
• carrying around a lot of love
• taking "Before" pictures
• knowing Johnny Cash is on the way
• looking forward to being held
• by this time tomorrow it'll be over


dalene said...

they do malemograms? who knew?

more thoughts and prayers and well wishes. from my kids, too.


b. said...

The hospital gift shop is pricey...but so much fun to peruse!

I have a secret crush on Jack White.

I FBd it but: praying for skilled hands and good news tomorrow.

Rynell said...

Oh I love your list! Prayers and more prayers, Sweetie.

Belle of the Blues said...

Bless you, Geo. I'm praying for you.

Jenny Mauro Hicks said...