12 May 2009

That's how it happens? Oh, now you tell me!

Sheesh, we've really been overthinking the process. We could have made a whole houseful already! And a few for our friends! Why do we always have to make things so complicated?


Well, rest assured, Rob and I are two old dogs that CAN be taught new tricks. Stand by for offspring.


b. said...

So funny!

A HOUSEFULL I tell ya!!

word ver: fresent.

a present for your friend...fresent

anna said...

oh that is very funny! and my verification word is expanch. as in, expanch your household by blowin out a baby.geo, i love your weird and hilarious sense of humor.

Kalli Ko said...

and I can't WAIT!

wendy said...

Darling! That just reminded me of something. Stay tuned.

Carolyn said...

LOVE this spin on the traditional watch my belly grow pics. making little movie clips is the best!

...so glad you enjoyed mine too ;) it is all encompassing: booger wiping, silly faces, dancing...all its missing is footage of a meltdown in Target.

Thanks for you sweet comment!