05 April 2009

The stuff of Conference weekends: Sunday

You simply can't get any more beautiful than this.

And as you can see from her AFTER shot, she's pretty on the outside too! (Please compare to her BEFORE shot, in which she is likewise charming.)




Admit it. You want to play with these curls too.

I love you, E.! Seeing the unveiling of your coiled goldilocks was the perfect happy ending to a soul-filling weekend.


Jamie said...

I love it, I love it!!! Ask Aunt Heidi (the birthday girl!)about the time I did that to her hair!

I'm coming to the compound next priesthood meeting...you chicas know how to party!

Becca said...

I'm very partial to this girl.

anna said...

i admit it, i do want to play with these curls!

Geo said...

James, I can just picture it. I think the next time the Tribe gathers en masse, we may have to rag roll all the blonde heads in attendance. And the brunette ones too, naturally. Want to come?

Becca, me too.

Anna, you would be a MERMAID with curls like these. Come home and let me wind up your head!

Elizabeth said...

These curls were AMAZING. I love that you have the captions as boing, doing, sproing!


Amy said...

:) Great pictures! I'd be game for trying it again - you know, perfect the art. ;) Just think of the possibilities!