22 April 2009

Project 365 & Earth Day

Photo ops I missed today:

• At 6:00 a.m., a wide angle view of a sideways smiling sliver of a crescent moon rising between mountains, with Venus attached to its chin like a bright beauty mark. Gorgeous. At least I got a good mental snapshot.
• Docu-shots of the adorable little man who showed up this morning to tune my piano. (Hurray! Hurray!)
• Closeups of chocolates and colorful suckers at the Startup Candy Co.
• A shot of Rob with his favorite group of letterpress students to date.
• A self-portrait of me happily making dandelion jelly. (Didn't happen as planned. Maybe tomorrow.)
• A profile of Rob enjoying a funny thought while driving.
• A picture of my feet and his standing side by side, wearing the new magic shoes we would have purchased if the clerk at the runners' shop hadn't been locking the door as we drove up to shop. (Who closes at 8:00 p.m.?) (She must not work on commission.)
• ______________________________ .

However, moments after madhouse Costco turned me world-weary and nearly ready to bawl and/or brawl, I saw this:

It's not a great shot, but the real thing helped bring me back to my earlier bliss:

Thanks, Earth, for knowing just what I need and always being right where I need you.


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anna said...

yes, 'always being right where i need you'. is dandelion jelly good to eat? (a little, i confess, doubtfully)