11 April 2009

Dandelion Girl's lovely weekend

Here is my young weed-picking friend I mentioned in yesterday's post, standing with her lovely mum. Can you imagine the impact of such a weekend as Dandelion Girl is having? Yesterday was her 8th birthday. Today she was baptized. Tomorrow is Easter. Her best-beloved grandparents have come all the way from the UK to be with her, and her granddad even baptized and confirmed her. That's a lot of sweetness and a lot of happy memories. They're having a party next door—it's rocking right through the afternoon. I can hear the voices of squealing, running, excited children outside—the grey sky and the drizzling rain can't stop them. For DG and her tagalong troupe it's a sunshiny day.


c-dub said...

Congratulations to Dandelion Girl. What a lovely name for such a lovely girl.

Jamie said...

WOW! What a wonderful weekend, and a sweet neighbor (she shares heidi's bday? that's sweet!). Do they live in that cute house on "the other side" of you guys that Jill and I loved? Or our ol'place? How fun. I was just chatting with a friend who lost her daughter during Saturday April conference last year how comforting--healing-- it is to have conference and Easter to accompany that horrific memory each year. To soften the blow, so to speak. She sent me a photo of the family at the grave, all the younger siblings holding flowers, the whole family looks as if they are laughing and it made me feel so happy. I hear my Primary kids singing, "did Jesus really live again? Oh, yes, and so shall I!"

Happy Easter! And Happy Birthweekend! What a lovely time to be born and born again. Love you!

anna said...

i love the picture with one shoe off and one shoe on!

Janet said...

I love Lucy.