17 March 2009

This one's for my nephew Sam, who doesn't get it

Maybe this video will help clear up your confusion about John Cage and his music. He's a different sort of guy, alright. But then again, I happen to know a family who also enjoys playing and experimenting with sound (and most everything else related to the senses) and that's the wonderful family which connects you and me.

Maybe after the video, you'll want to take a look at this link and consider making a banging wall and having your own John Cage-style concerts in your backyard. I'm thinking of asking Ahma and Grandfather if I can set one up maybe out by the barn. You ought to see the first fantastic "instrument" I've collected for it!

1 comment:

moiety said...

Georgia, I love you. Interestedly waiting to play with you and the rest of the fam on your wall.