08 February 2009

Dear John

I guess I've decided not to spend 2009 utterly blogless. Yes, I was considering it, though more in an absent, non-deliberate kind of way. I've been journalling faithfully this year and I've got a secret (only for the time being) project or two in the works, and . . . well, there was just something that unexpectedly shifted in me when I mentally hung the new calendar. I'm in the midst of some sort of transition. Rob and I both are. My mind and body have been busy the past month and a half with new tasks—learning skills, creating order. (You should see the "Screening Room"! It's finally empty! You can dance in it! At the same time I'm dancing in it!) I am also beginning to write. Let me rephrase that: I am beginning to Write. This doesn't mean that what I Write is fabulous or skilled, only that I am giving it more and believing in it more, young though it may be (much younger than I am—tell me, how does that work?)

I wrote a little screenplay for a competition, and now it's going to be made into a short film. Those of you who know a little about this may be wondering why I just wrote "going to" instead of "was." It's a long story. Call me if you want the low-down.) It's not a dramatic or comedic masterpiece; it was just an experiment, really, and a love note to the two girlfriends who inspired the story. I got lucky; somebody picked my script. Dumb happy luck. Now I'm trying to write a play, to see if I can, and for the sake of discipline and understanding. Where's it leading? Hopefully to satisfaction and friendly connections. Yeah, I'd love to publish a story in the New Yorker, but I'll be fine if I only succeed in expanding my brain a little. And, of course, collecting my prize money from the script competition . . . hint, hint, LDSFF. Ha.

But this isn't really what I stopped in to say tonight. Two weekend events prompted me to blog because they were just so lovely. Small things. First, an old friend from my NC years . . . JOHN . . . left me a short and dear little note on my blog. It's driving me crazy. WHICH JOHN? I can think of several I remember with love from back in the day, but WHICH JOHN? Come on, JOHN, I am going to split my brain open trying to figure you out, and you did not leave a link to any contact info. I'm not one of those folks who are no longer interested in old friends. (I have come across a couple of those recently—awkward!) Not sure if you'll stop in for another visit, but in case you do, my email address is at the top left of this page. I leave you no excuse!

The other thing I want to rattle on about is a delightful surprise I discovered today after church. Somebody tacked a wonderful Valentine garland into the ceiling on my porch, and it was dangling colorfully in our path when Rob and I tried to open the front door. "Rob + Georgia, eternal sweethearts" it said on one side. Amen to that! And the fascinating history of Valentine's Day on the other. French ribbon, lots of pretty paper hearts, it is a treasure! Thank you so much to the friend(s) who left it. I'll even forgive you the nail hole. (It goes so well with our house's other holes.) It was so much fun coming home to that. I'm leaving it right there so that everyone who knocks on our door has to (gets to) see it. Wait—JOHN, was that from YOU???

So I can't stand unfinished business. Please, mystery friends, identify yourselves and let me obsess about something else. I've got a prioritized list, really.

Love to all, and glad to be back in the blog business—



Johanna and Andy Smith said...

I'm glad you're back in the blog business too--I keep checking. Whatever did happen with the screening of your PRIZE WINNING screenplay? And excited to possibly get to read--even see?--more of your writing.

ox, Joh. (Not John) (But lovin' you still.) (The valentine wasn't me.) (But I wish it was.)

Geo said...

Joh! Yay!

movie shot
rough cut edited
movie not screened at LDSFF
movie promised
movie never shared
I have yet to see it
LDSFF folks attempting to organize a new shoot, with mentors for the filmmakers?
maybe next year

P.S. I love you. And I think you went to the Geo School of Parenthetical Statements. You graduated valedictorian?

AzĂșcar said...

I have yet to commit to a calendar...is that bad?

John said...

So it is the Georgia that I knew years ago. Thank you for your interest.
I am glad to know that you are doing well.
I did not leave the garland, I am back in NC.

The John in question is the John who questioned.
You may mainly remember me as a Pain in the arse, I still can be.

If one of your guesses was John Bobo, then you were correct.

I will email you soon.

compulsive writer said...

I won't call--I know you are busy. But I've been craving the details, so do tell. (I'm not responsible for anything other than that and yes, hanging a calendar in 2009, but simply for the art of it, not because it helps me in anyway identify where I am in this crazy life fabric of time.)

Write on dear Geo. Write on!

b. said...

Thank Goodness!!
I was about to send out the po-leeeece!
I have missed you.

I'm curious for details too...

Lunch with friends?

Geo said...

AZUCAR—I said MENTAL calendar. What, you actually think I'm organized? If you're bad for being noncommittal, then I'm a scab and a half.

JOHN!—You took the bait! Hurray! Yes, you were on my list of happy possibilities and I'm really glad to hear from you. I was actually wondering about you recently after having some Facebook-related contact with a few other chaps from WOHS. I'm looking forward to your email! As for your being a pain in the arse, well, I've been fond of many such self-proclaimed pains in my lifetime. You can't fool me—you were and I'm sure still are a great guy.

C-DUB—It's been far too long since I promised burritos. Would you settle for another pot of soup (different kind)? I think you are running on universal time, which is much more accurate than the calendar anyway. I have a clock in my kitchen that stays an hour off for half the year, that's how much I care what time it is. Let's talk soon.

B.—Strangely, you are the fourth person to mention sicking the police on me this week. The other three are my cousins in NC. I have been seriously missing in action, and not just locally. Yikes. I would love to do lunch soon!

Becca said...


p.s., word verification: orb rap

Geo said...

Oooo, let's write a song together, Becca! The Orb Rap!

anna said...

ah, it's good to hear your electronic voice.

verification word: spokene (washington?)

Geo said...

And it'll be GOODER still to catch up on the electronic voices I have been missing lately. Missing and missing. xo

Lisa said...

I am so glad to hear that you are not one of those people not interested in old friends, because that means you probably never got the email I sent you in December, and that also means that you probably don't hate me or wish to never see me again? I was thinking about you again today and took your post as a sign that I should email you again. Maybe I typed your address in wrong the first time?

Love from Lisa Jones, formerly of Provo, then Arizona, now Idaho -- remember me?

Lisa said...
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Bev Sykes said...

Stop. Writing? Say it isn't so!

Chemical Billy said...

Geo Geo Geo, welcome back! I've missed your Geo-licious words, and welcome you to the rocky road of Writing.

Love and love.

Geo said...

LISA—Do I ever remember you! You are the loveliest of people. Of course I remember you, and with fondness. Stand by for a blog post dedicated to neglected friends . . . and you are one of the guests of honor!

BEV—You're on the VIP list too!

CB—And you . . . you're on every list I have. xo