06 December 2008

In the December sun

Went for a walk across the face of the mountain.

He came with me.

I like him.

A tree posed for me.

Nosey moon!

Moon wannabe!

I found a homeless guy's hidey-hole. 
(It's rope, not hair.)

She alone survived his campfire.

He must have spent Thanksgiving there.
Without a can opener.

Is he really a Tarheel?
Does he love Tarzan?
Or is this kindling?

Looks like he warmed himself with hymns.


sue-donym said...

Great pics. What an interesting camp site.

dalene said...

The tree is stunning. I'm in love with trees at the moment. And I always love photos of you and your sweet Rob. You're beautiful to me.

wendy said...

Ditto. It looks like a lovely day. I love your choice of images and words.

Catherine Hess said...

it's amazing what you can find when you get out of the house! looks like you had fun :)

anna said...

oh i know that trail! that tree is my friend!